“All that remains is the love and light that is captured in a single photograph.”

Ten years and 150+ weddings around the globe later, I have created a formula to capture every moment of a wedding day, while also leaving room for creativity and spontaneity. Every single wedding is different, but just like dancing, a skilled professional can anticipate a moment before it even happens. In this world of Pinterest, Instagram, and an overflow of inspiration, I wanted to create pillars in my business to always stay rooted in what is truly important. Just like the white, clean-lined pillars of ancient Greece, the beautiful country where my family is from, a business with structure and balance can stand the test of time. Here are the foundations of every wedding I capture to create timeless imagery.

He truly has an eye for getting cool shots

This guy is awesome! Peter was our wedding photographer in NYC. The wedding was planned from out of the US and even though there was a 6-hour time shift between us, we had no problem to get in touch with him to discuss all the necessary details. He was very responsive and full of ideas, but at the same time keen on understanding our vision, taste, and dynamics. Depending on your preferences, Peter can either play an active role organizing the setup, or a passive one by simply being a documentarist of the event. He is a very relaxed and patient person, always with a smile on his face. His positive energy was somehow also transposed on us I guess.

We felt very comfortable having him around. He loved to work outside in different environments and was excited about our ideas for a setup, but I really recommend to let him set his vision free and create his story of your day. You won´t regret it! He truly has an eye for getting cool shots and capturing emotional moments. Also the postproduction went really smooth, and the pictures ….. see for yourself!

Sara Kate-C

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perfect combination of really fun and super chill

We don’t have enough great things to say about Peter! We were lucky enough to have him as our wedding photographer and did an engagement session with him as well! He is the perfect combination of really fun and super chill—he made us feel at ease throughout the entire process.

We were so happy that we selected him to capture our amazing day, and he truly did an awesome job. Pictures are one of the only things you will have to remember your day by and Peter will be able to do exactly that. My husband is a photographer himself and was very impressed with Peter’s skills and photography equipment.

Suan Hazard

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He really has an eye for getting the best shot

We had Peter for our wedding photography in August. Our wedding was planned from out of state.

Our photos came out perfect and he was a pleasure to work with. He really has an eye for getting the best shot. He also worked around us being out of state with Skype and phone appointments.


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