Beautiful love stories brought to life through stunning photographs.

Peter is proud to be the go-to high-end wedding photographer in Prague, the high-end wedding photographer in Budapest, and the high-end wedding photographer in Tuscany. Through his lens, love stories are perfectly frozen in time and captured in photographs and wedding videos that will last the happy couple a lifetime.

It is clear with each snap of the camera that the shots have been planned out and that Peter knows the couple’s connection and their unique love story.

Through Peter’s many years as an international wedding photographer, he’s refined his art to ensure each set of wedding photos is even better than the last. His portfolio of photos only highlights just a sliver of his work, if you’d like to see more specific photos or photos from specific locations he’s shot in, please get in touch with Peter and his team.

 If you are an international wedding planner, international wedding coordinator, or international wedding agency and would like to show your clients specific photos of wedding videos from Peter’s portfolio, please contact Peter today to receive a custom portfolio link.