The 5 Best Wedding Coordinators in Prague, Czechia

To save you time and research, we’ve put together a list of our favorite local Prague wedding planners.

You’ve talked about it with your significant other and you are now both very excited about your choice to get married in beautiful Prague. So now what?

Planning a wedding is extremely stressful and time-consuming. That’s why finding an expert wedding planner or coordinator is vital to a happy and worry-free wedding experience. 

Not to mention, if you are not local to Prague, a wedding planner can do all the legwork for you in that city. Finding a local wedding coordinator in Prague, Czechia will ensure no detail is missed, the vendors they use are vetted & reliable, and it will ensure they are there for your actual wedding day to take care of any issues to arise last minute. That’s why our list only includes wedding coordinators who are local to the area and who are experts at what they do.

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1. Boutique Wedding Prague

As one of the leading wedding agencies in the Czech Republic, we had to put Boutique Wedding Prague at the top of our list. Led by master wedding coordinator Svetlana Uldrichová, their team focuses on organizing and creating luxury weddings in only the best locations across the Czech Republic.

Svetlana herself has over 16 years of planning over 300 widely successful weddings. If you are looking for a team with an eye for detail and design, Boutique Wedding Prague should be your first call. Their team works hard to create creative design synergy across the florists, graphics, pastry chefs, Prague wedding photographers, locations, and more to ensure a cohesive look and feel. 

2. Wedding Fields

For a wedding coordinator who walks with you hand-in-hand during the entire wedding planning process, look no further than Wedding Fields.

With over 22 years in the business and 500 weddings under her belt, Katerina is the founder and head wedding coordinator for Wedding Fields. 

Together with her team, Katerina focuses on respecting the desires of each bride and groom when it comes to their wishes and their budget. With close connections to local vendors in Prague, they are very successful in creating beautiful and intimate weddings. 

3. Lucie Hola weddings

Being a wedding coordinator is a 24/7 full-time job and no one knows that more than Lucie Hola Weddings.

With 13 years of experience and over 200 weddings, Lucie is an extremely hands-on wedding planner. She offers complete flexibility for her brides and grooms, being available to them even on evenings and weekends. She is able to do this by only taking on a few clients at a time, so her time becomes your time. 

The premier service Lucie offers allows her the time to create unmatched, personalized wedding experiences for each couple. 

4. Julie May

If you are looking for planners who know Prague from the inside out, then look no further than Julie May.

Founder Nikola trained with the best of the best senior wedding coordinators in Prague before creating her own company. As a designer, planner, and wedding coordinator, Nikola brings the dreams of her brides and grooms to life through meticulous planning. 

As a bespoke wedding planning company, Julie May offers wedding planning services in Prague that are truly all-encompassing. From negotiating location contracts on your behalf to booking your hair & make-up to ordering your wedding invites – Julie May does it all for you. 

5. White Prague Wedding Agency

For those brides and Grooms not living in Prague, White Prague Wedding Agency specializes in bringing your Prague destination wedding to life. 

Founder Petra, leads her highly experienced team of wedding coordinators in planning weddings for couples from around the world. Their team has perfected communication and coordination to bring spectacular weddings to life for those who have never even stepped foot in Prague until their wedding day. 

They greatly pride themselves in understanding international cultures and it clearly shows in the many blended-culture weddings they plan each year. 

The 5 Best Wedding Coordinators in Prague, Czechia - photo 1
The 5 Best Wedding Coordinators in Prague, Czechia - photo 2
The 5 Best Wedding Coordinators in Prague, Czechia - photo 3

Make Your Dream Prague Wedding Happen

Whether you have just started your Pinterest board for your Prague wedding or have already started booking vendors like a Prague wedding photographer – we highly suggest you stop what you’re doing and book your wedding coordinator next. 

Wedding planners live and breathe all things weddings and are the true experts when it comes to planning your special day. So do yourself a favor and leave your wedding in great hands with one of our 5 vetted wedding coordinators.

Bring your wedding dreams to life and happy wedding planning! 

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