The 5 Best Wedding planners in Budapest, Hungary

Planning a wedding in Budapest? Make sure you book a local Budapest wedding planner for your dream day.

Couples from across the world have their eyes set on Budapest for their destination wedding. Why? Budapest offers some of the most elegant and breathtaking venues you could find for a wedding. From the Buda Castle to the Cloister to the Wenckheim Palace and beyond – the variety alone will leave you speechless. 

But with the entire city at your feet, it’s best to have someone on your side in finding a venue and making your unique vision come to life. 

That’s why we recommend finding a local Budapest wedding planner who knows the venues inside and out. From securing the best Budapest wedding photographer to having the venue custom-decorated to your taste to having the best local cuisine at your wedding – the right wedding planner can be a game-changer for you. 

We’ve curated a list of very experienced high-end wedding planners in Budapest to save you time and endless searching.

1. Beautiful Wedding

If you are looking for a planner who has been in your same bridal shoes – Beautiful Wedding by Tímea Vasas is for you. Not only did Tímea fall in love with her partner on her wedding day, but she also fell in love with the world and industry of weddings. 

Right after her own wedding and after 10 very successful years in event planning, Tímea switched to wedding planning services in Budapest full-time. She specializes in high-end and high-quality work that covers every small and big detail of your wedding. 

As a certified professional wedding coordinator in Budapest, Hungary Tímea loves the stunning venues she gets to curate custom weddings in.

2. Dream Weddings Budapest

Are you dreaming of a wedding that is truly over the top? Something that feels like a production or even a show? Look no further than Dream Weddings Budapest.

Founder and owner Catherine spent years in the dance, theater, and show business, which in turn has significantly influenced her approach to wedding planning and coordination. Her team now produces weddings that guests talk about for years and that every bride and groom dream of. 

Taking outrageous dreams and turning them into reality is natural and seamless thanks to Dream Weddings Budapest. Having spent the last 20 years living in Budapest, Catherine is one of the few true local Wedding coordinators in Budapest.

3. Cinderella’s Day

Every bride dreams of being a princess on their special day, and thanks to Cinderella’s Day you can live out that dream.

With over 10 years in the business, Nori Kisfaludy-Tobel has led her team of highly creative individuals to plan weddings that sweep you away. 

Having worked closely with hundreds of international brides and grooms, Nori specializes in planning lavish weddings utilizing the whimsical background of Budapest. Having worked with couples from over 50 countries, Nori and her team know how to work any cultural flare into anyone’s wedding day.

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4. Noya Wedding

For anyone wanting their Budapest wedding planner to be more than just a coordinator, Noya Wedding offers that intimate touch. 

Noémi Vas, wedding planner, consultant, and owner of NOYA Wedding helps couples prepare for their wedding in both a physical and spiritual way.  She believes in conscious planning and preparation, both for the wedding and the marriage. 

Noémi and her team work closely with both the bride and groom to ensure their wedding is not only a beautiful day, but that they get to live happily ever after.

5. Budapest Wedding

For any bride who has searched, for high-end wedding planners in Budapest, no doubt Budapest Wedding has come to the top of the list. That is because the team at Budapest Wedding offers services that go beyond the special day itself. 

Specializing in stunning weddings with unique touches, their team also offers pre and post-wedding activities, elopements, and engagements to be a true one-stop-shop for all your wedding needs. 

With four highly experienced wedding planners, Budapest Wedding ensures you always have a dedicated member with an eye on the fine details.

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Stop Searching for Wedding Planning Services in Budapest

With a city that offers a Cinderella moment on just about every street corner, planning a wedding in Budapest can be very overwhelming. A city as romantic as Budapest deserves a fairy Godmother to come in and save the day. So look no further than the 5 vetted wedding planners we have found for you above. 

At Peter Rigo Photography, we’ve had the whimsical experience of filming and photographing many weddings in Budapest, and believe us when we say – you won’t regret a wedding in this magical city. 

Enjoy your special day, and let us know which Budapest wedding planner you end up choosing.

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