Prague Wedding Venues: A Guide to Dreamy European wedding

If you’re longing to have a wedding in an otherworldly location, Prague is the perfect destination! Well, Prague wedding venues are just what your dreams ordered! This post is going to take you on an enchanting journey through some of Prague’s most romantic and unforgettable places to say ‘I do’.

We’ll wander together down cobbled streets past beautiful historical buildings. We’ll gaze at breathtaking views from hilltop castles with red roofs. You can almost hear the famous astronomical clock chiming as we explore!

You’re probably wondering, “Why should I choose Prague for my special day?” Let me assure you; by the time we finish this virtual tour, not only will you have all your questions answered but also be ready to book your ticket!

For those wanting to exchange vows in a city filled with history and beauty, Prague is the ideal destination. Known as the ‘City of a Hundred Spires’, it’s an idyllic setting for your wedding day and a place for your wedding reception.

Villa Richter

Start by considering the reception venue Villa Richter. Perched on the hillside beneath the iconic Prague Castle, this venue offers stunning views across vineyards and red roofs towards Charles Bridge. The romantic atmosphere here is hard to beat.

Mandarin Oriental Prague

If luxury is what you seek in Prague city, then the Mandarin Oriental Prague could be just right. This hotel provides elegance at every turn – from its beautiful garden courtyard to exquisite ballrooms that cater for intimate ceremonies or grand receptions alike.

Augustine Hotel Prague

The Augustine Hotel Prague brings together historical charm with modern amenities perfectly. Nestled within walking distance of Malá Strana district’s landmarks like St Thomas Church and Lobkowicz Palace, this place makes for a magical backdrop for any wedding ceremony.

No matter where you choose among these amazing venues around Czech Republic’s capital city, each municipal district has its own office offering assistance with planning weddings according to local customs but remember or you can engage wedding planners located servicing Prague, who can design the entire wedding for you.

Royal Wedding Palace Garden: A Fairytale Setting

Envision yourself in the core of Prague, encompassed by flourishing blossoms and lofty trees. The Royal Wedding Palace Garden, with its luxury wedding setup and beautiful architecture, is a dreamy location for your fairytale-like ceremony.

This garden venue has hosted countless love stories over the years. Convenience is not the only benefit; its stunning beauty makes it an ideal venue for your special day. Being centrally located makes it easily accessible to wedding guests staying at any nearby Prague hotel like Mandarin Oriental or Augustine Hotel.

Making Your Day Extra Special

To make things even better, you could consider hiring a local Prague wedding planner who can help organize everything from decor arrangements to managing logistics so you can focus on enjoying every moment of your big day. Remember – great planning leads to memorable weddings in royal style.

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Churches and Chapels for Weddings in Prague

If you’re planning a wedding with religious significance, Prague’s beautiful churches can provide the perfect backdrop. One standout is St. Thomas Church.

St. Thomas Church

This stunning church is nestled in Malá Strana, near Charles Bridge and Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Its grandeur comes from both its storied past and awe-inspiring architecture, featuring intricate stone carvings and stained glass windows that lend a solemn yet romantic atmosphere to your ceremony.

The intricate stone carvings and stained glass windows add to the solemnity of your ceremony venue, creating an atmosphere that’s both reverent and romantic.

The large capacity means all your wedding guests will comfortably fit into this beautiful church while enjoying a breathtaking view of red roofs over historical buildings.

You’ll find St. Thomas Church right next door to the Grand Mark hotel, so accommodations for out-of-town guests are sorted too.

A note from my personal experience as a Prague wedding photographer: The lighting inside St. Thomas Church makes it ideal for capturing stunning wedding photos which echo timeless elegance.

With such unique charm encapsulated within these sacred walls, there’s no question why many couples choose this remarkable place as their preferred ceremony venue when getting married in Prague.

Wedding Venues around Prague

Are you in search of a serene setting to tie the knot that’s away from the busyness of urban life? The outskirts of Prague have got you covered.

Chateau Mcely

A fairy-tale setting awaits at Chateau Mcely. This countryside venue is ideal for those dreaming of an intimate, serene ceremony. Picture this: exchanging vows surrounded by lush greenery, with birds serenading your love story.

Bon Repos

The charm and elegance of Bon Repos make it another excellent choice. Nestled in nature’s lap, it promises to add an extra layer of magic to your special day.

Zámek Niměřice

If history and architecture excite you, then Zámek Niměřice would be just right. Its rich past adds depth to the occasion while its stunning edifice makes every photo pop.

  • Dvur Hoffmeister: An oasis amidst nature that exudes rustic charm.
  • Yard Resort: For couples seeking modern luxury blended seamlessly with natural beauty.
  • Clay Bastion: Its raw appeal gives weddings a unique twist that guests will remember forever.

I’ve had the pleasure as Prague wedding Photography Service provider, capturing these venues’ captivating allure on camera during various weddings. Each offers something unique – making them all equally irresistible choices outside bustling Prague.

Prague Wedding Venue Bon Repos 10

Peter Rigo Photography Services

At Peter Rigo Photography, we specialize in capturing beautiful moments at every wedding. As a professional English-speaking photographer based in Prague, I have been fortunate enough to document the most beautiful wedding venues.

My approach is to create imagery that not only looks beautiful but also conveys a powerful emotion. Whether it’s a moment of laughter, a tearful exchange, or just pure love between two people, my aim is to capture it authentically.

My style leans towards fine art photography – think timeless elegance mixed with contemporary flair. This allows me to create photographs that are unique yet classic enough to stand the test of time.

The language barrier can sometimes pose challenges when planning your dream wedding abroad. But don’t worry. Being an English, Czech, Hungarian & Slovakian – speaking photographer makes communication easy and smooth throughout your entire journey with us from initial consultation right up until you receive your final album.

A Personal Touch for Your Special Day

What sets Peter Rigo Photography apart? It’s our commitment to providing personalized service tailored specifically for each couple’s needs and desires.

We work closely together before your big day discussing ideas on how best to tell your story through photos – because after all, these aren’t just pictures, they’re memories for a lifetime.

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Comparing Wedding Venues In and Around Prague

When planning a wedding, location is key. So let’s compare the charm of city venues like Villa Richter, located within walking distance of the famous astronomical clock in Prague, to countryside gems such as Chateau Mcely.

City Venues Vs Countryside Venues

In the heart of Prague lies a wealth of historical buildings perfect for your big day. Places like Mandarin Oriental Hotel Prague offer luxury combined with convenience – no need for long travel times here. However, there’s more traffic and noise compared to serene outskirts.

Countryside venues give you a break from urban hustle-bustle. Picture saying ‘I do’ amidst lush greenery at Bon Repos or beneath red roofs at Zámek Niměřice; sounds dreamy right? But remember, these locations might be harder for guests to reach without proper arrangements.

If photographs are important to you (which they should be), consider hiring an experienced wedding photographer who can make both cityscapes and landscapes shine in your photos. After all, whether it’s by Charles Bridge or next to Malá Strana’s beautiful gardens – every moment deserves its spotlight.

Remember that each municipal district has different regulations regarding ceremonies so do your research well ahead. Also keep costs in mind; while most city halls are affordable options some private venues can have heftier price tags.

Planning a Wedding in Prague

If you’re dreaming of saying “I do” amidst the red roofs and historical buildings of Prague, then this guide is for you. We’ll navigate through everything from beautiful churches to stunning castle wedding venues, ensuring your big day will be unforgettable.

Firstly, it’s important to note that each district in Prague has its own office dedicated to wedding ceremonies. This makes sure that whether you choose an intimate ceremony at St. Thomas Church, or go grand with a Prague Castle wedding venue like the magnificent Villa Richter, getting official permissions won’t be hard.

The heart of planning your perfect day lies in choosing the right venue. The city boasts numerous luxurious hotels such as the elegant Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Alternatively, if a countryside setting appeals more to you than being amongst famous astronomical clocks and Charles Bridge, there are picturesque options just outside Prague like Chateau Mcely.

To capture these moments perfectly on camera is crucial – cue Peter Rigo Photography. As an English-speaking photographer specializing in fine art weddings based out here in gorgeous Malá Strana area of Prague itself I am ready to help make every moment memorable.

No matter what choice suits best between city venues vs countryside ones remember one thing: Your love story deserves nothing but perfection.

FAQs in Relation to Prague Wedding Venues

How much does it cost to get married in Prague?

The cost varies, but a typical wedding in Prague can run from $5k up to $20k depending on the venue and details.

Where in Europe is it cheapest to get married?

In general, Eastern European countries like Bulgaria or Romania are often cheaper places for nuptials compared with Western Europe.

Can you get married in Prague Castle?

Absolutely. The iconic Prague Castle hosts weddings, offering couples a fairytale setting for their special day.

How expensive are most wedding venues?

Venue costs can vary wildly. Expect anywhere from $1k for simple spots to upwards of $15k for high-end locations around the globe.


Exploring Prague wedding venues is like stepping into a fairy tale. The city offers an array of choices from historic churches, luxurious hotels to stunning palaces.

Villa Richter and Mandarin Oriental are just some examples that stand out with their unique charm and romantic atmosphere. Outside the city limits, enchanting locations such as Chateau Mcely or Bon Repos await your discovery.

Whether you’re planning a grand ceremony in St. Thomas Church or a tranquil countryside celebration at Zámek Niměřice, remember: it’s all about finding what suits you best!

The perfect venue awaits in this beautiful European gem known for its red roofs and historical buildings! Get ready to make unforgettable memories on your special day amidst the beauty of Prague…

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